Tuck & Sons Products & Services

Metal Polishing

We have been polishing for 28 years and started out with specializing in scientific instruments such as sextants, octants, microscopes and telescopes. After a few years we extended our portfolio to include a much wider variety of work; some examples of this are diving helmets, ships telegraphs, portholes and binoculars.
Now we are one of the top polishers of unusual and awkward items, what makes us special is the fact there is no need to strip, we offer the complete service. We strip, polish and repair as necessary see our Bespoke engineering page and gallery for examples of this.

  • This is a sky flash test missile we were given to restore. When we received the item it was still covered in gray military paint. Once that was removed we proceeded to sand the entire rocket down and then polished it to the finish you can see below. This is one of our proudest projects.
  • A cold war torpedo gearbox before and after polishing and restoration