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We have been involved with the polishing and restoration of binoculars for many years and over that time we have become very efficient with the stripping, polishing and collimation of any pair of binoculars put in our path. We have perfected this process through years of practice, hard work, and dedication and now the end result we can offer is simply stunning.

  • This is a pair of Japanese Fuji Meibo 15x80 binoculars from WW2 that have been stripped down, restored and polished to their former glory; we also mounted the pair on a wooden tripod and adjusted the optics for perfect viewing. After years of neglect this pair was a real struggle for us but with the expertise and 28 years of experience no job is too difficult.
  • This is a pair of Huet 12x60 binoculars that were given to us completely painted in military green/grey paint and were in rough condition. We restored and polished them, made a brass cradle and a pair of brass front shades, then mounted them on a wooden tripod. Fully restored they would be a wonder in anybody’s home.

For more examples of our work and for before and after pictures please check out the gallery page.